Our comprehensive Cyber Security solutions will enable your organization to safely use, share and store data anywhere. Our solutions are flexible and are designed to ensure the safety of your highly sensitive business and financial data, business continuity and stability.


Redwall Solutions is a full-service security system provider in Ghana with a subsidiary that manufactures Intruder alarm systems. We have a wide network of installers across Ghana and this makes it possible for our client to access our support services faster regardless of region and location. We can customize and integrate the Intruder Alarm systems with Electric fence, or provide Electric fence as separate installation without the alarm.
Redwall Solutions is the parent company and distributor of  Alarm systems and electric fence technology in Ghana. We are a one-stop source for everything security system.


Redwall Solutions provides professional grade power protection and systems. These proven and trusted management solutions meets the most critical requirements for industrial and commercial facilities, offices, small-to-medium businesses, institutional facilities and homes. We undertake projects of all capacities.


RedwallSolutions offers cybersecurity awareness and training designed to fortify individuals, companies and government institutions. Our security awareness program will help to reinforce user compliance with security policies and help reduce risks posed by threats. As technology continues to improve, so does the number of malicious attacks and loss of confidential data. An information security awareness program will add direct value to the company by educating staff, promoting best practices, and ensuring that confidentiality and integrity are executed properly throughout the organization.


Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a set of procedures and processes that are carried out to ensure that there is no impact on the business functions during and after any form of disaster. This type of planning helps in protecting the core services offered by a business as well as helps them to re-establish their services to a fully functional level. The Data Recovery (DR) consulting services are the technical plans designed to help an organization in case of mishap or disaster. Our DR consulting services are highly robust and reliable, which makes us a suitable service provider for businesses with varying business needs. Our in-house experts will engage with your cybersecurity team to examine the various mechanisms followed at your corporation and then devise a plan that suits your needs. A customized business continuity plan will cater to the specific needs of your organization and will always safeguard it against external attacks.