About RedwallSolutions

RedwallSolutions is Technology Systems Distributor and Integrator in three fields: Integrated security, Cyber Security and Power Backup. We provide high-end turnkey solutions from project planning and consultation through to design, implementation and 24/7 after-delivery support services. RedwallSolutions provides enterprise solutions that streamline business processes, optimize workforce productivity and increase profitability. Offering advice to meet business-critical challenges, RedwallSolutions is recognized as an independent trusted advisor and offers a range of solutions.

Our Values

Fairness and integrity

We believe that true partnerships are built on complete trust and transparency. We strictly maintain clarity of communication with our clients, present all costs while maintaining fair pricing, and present all risks associated with projects.

Customer Focus

Redwall Solutions is committed to truly facing the issues of clients of all sizes. Our partnerships with several leading global technology providers ensures that we can offer the most appropriate solution for each client, regardless of technology or vendor


We think outside the box, foster innovation and creativity and provide unmatched solutions to our customers.


We work smart, we work as a team committed to common goals with honest communication and a result-driven culture.